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hello & thanks for stopping by!


i am a professional working drummer, based in cologne / germany, playing live, studio, tour etc as a sideman for a lot of different artists in a great variety of styles and set ups.


on this pages you can find info on me as a musician as well as on the artists i currently work with and the equipment i use. for video content just click on the youtube icon down right, it is linked to my yt-channel.

i do a lot of studiowork and drums on demand as well so - if you have tracks you need drums and / or percussion to be recorded for just send me an email and we can figure out the details.


oh - and of course you'll find a link to the meanwhile sort of famous bummklack as well.


you can also follow me on instagram, or make friend on facebook - just hit one of the little icons down right. so - thanks again for stopping by, and enjoy your time at


marcus möller drums / percussion
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